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by JavieR / May 22, 2001 / 19:21
Hi. As I said, today I added two things. The Wallpaper and the cursors of the Dr. Zoidberg Desktop Theme. I need one and a half weeks to finish High School, and two more to pass Final Exams. I'll try to keep updated TFP in that time, but not with the same frequency..
by JavieR / May 18, 2001 / 14:11
Here it is, finally the Dr. Zoidberg Desktop theme is available to download in the themes section. I'll add the wallpaper and the cursors later. I received the Futurama Center Award at 05.MAY.2001 that I know about 3 days before. Thanks a lot Matt.
by JavieR / May 11, 2001 / 10:08
Hi again. As you can see, I was very busy with High School this week, with some hard tests and homeworks. I uploaded two new scans, updated some URLs and the links section, that's all I can do...I have more High-School-Crap to do the next week.The Dr. Zoidberg theme is going fine, and it's gonna be here this Wednesday or maybe later.
by JavieR / May 4, 2001 / 14:05
Today I added two bender wallpapers of John from Stewie's Domain. The two are similar, and they are fine. I added the two message boards in the Others menu header. Due the fact that this is my last month of High School you're not gonna see frequent updates. BTW, my computer is stupid so that could be a problem. bye
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