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by JavieR / April 29, 2001 / 17:03
Hi people. Today I updated the links section, adding new screenshots of SSF, GNE and FSAC. I had to delete the search engine (don't ask why!). I've received some emails asking about a Dr. Zoidberg theme, so I'll do it. I guess that all for today...
by JavieR / April 25, 2001 / 08:05
Ok, due the fact that the Killbots Network was down in these days, and I had some problems uploading data to the server, and I was without a telephone line...I haven't updated TFP. I made some great scans, one featuring an Amazon Woman and the other of Bender. I also updated the Museum adding the Futurama Top 50, that wasn't updated since 05.JAN.2001. and Futurama Uncovered adding the Webmaster and a button. New Buddie...
by JavieR / April 12, 2001 / 16:15
Hi. I thought that this was gonna be a normal update, but with the tragic end of CGEF and FrCr in the futurama community, I just can't figure out. I added these 2 great sites to the museum, with the help of Jason. Finally, here it is, a cool new wallpaper of Calculon Like the poster from "That's Lobstertainment!" episode. I also have a new buddie, a great site called The Leela Zone, you have to see it. Planet Roadmap temporally URL is: www.leela.com.ar/pr, I've fixed that and changed some screenshots. bye
by JavieR / April 7, 2001 / 20:42
All right, I haven't updated TFP because I had some difficult tests and a lot of homework in High School (sorry). I received an Email saying that the link to download the Akbar Font wasn't available, the reason was that the Author of the font moved his site, but now is fixed. I also made a new support button. I'm working in a new cool wallpaper that is gonna be here in the next days.
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