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by JavieR / March 28, 2001 / 16:04
Hello. Today I added new buttons to the Buddies section, one of Futurama Scan Art Central, and the other of Good news, everyone!. Those site are also in the links section. I'm sorry, but the form of the "Need a button?" section didn't worked in a long time. If you sent something with this form, you will have to do it again.
by JavieR / March 24, 2001 / 22:31
Ok. I had some time today, and i made two new scans, one of calculon and the other of his evil half brother. I also updated the Links section, adding Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace, and fixed up some sites URL's. That's it for today....
by JavieR / March 21, 2001 / 09:58
(start) Short update. I added LiC to the buddies section. (end)
by JavieR / March 17, 2001 / 17:23
Back in business around here. I made a new Flash Animation, this time featuring Nibbler taking a nap, go there. I also fixed up the Guestbook, that is now available in the menu. So that's all for today, expect more in a near future. bye
by JavieR / March 14, 2001 / 21:25
Yes, I know. Sorry for the lack of updates but this is my last year in High School and I'm really busy with that. Hey, I received an Email from Keith Kelly but I think that the email address is wrong, so if that person read this, please contact me ASAP!. Well the counter is over the 100.000 visitors, that's good :P I'm gonna delete the poll, no good reason to do it but I want to. I added two new stamps by the moment, but you may expect more hopefully.
by JavieR / March 5, 2001 / 13:47
Small news again. Just adding two new scans, go to the page 4 or click here. Zach submitted a Question in the faq. When you say that you draw all your own art do you mean you put a new layer on top of a scan and fix it up? or do you draw it all from the original line art? the answer is here. I haven't changed the poll because freetools is moving to bravenet and 123freetools too, so I think that the guestbook isn't working. bye.
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