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by JavieR / February 28, 2001 / 16:43
Ok. Like I said, I was very busy and I was also out of town, so I didn't update TFP. I made a cool wallpaper. I also fixed the Museum, the BBF screenshot didn't work, but is ok now. CU
by JavieR / February 20, 2001 / 07:58
Hi, Just adding two new scans, one of Amy on the right, and the other of Fry. I'm very busy right now with High School, so don't expect frequent updates in this and maybe next week. Remember that the poll is available until this Friday. bye.
by JavieR / February 17, 2001 / 19:20
Small new. Jarnik from Space Station Futurama gave me some old buttons of Food-o-Rama, that are available in the Futurama Museum. That's it.
by JavieR / February 14, 2001 / 22:30
Hi. Today there's some new stuff, I added two new scans, one of Bender. I also made two new stamps. I added a new futurama site to the links, Space Station Futurama, it's a great site with a lot of Flash stuff. It's is also a new buddie. I had some problems with the Zoidberg Flash Animation, and I have fixed that tanks to reed from CGEF, but if you still can't see the animation, please contact me ASAP. bye.
by JavieR / February 11, 2001 / 23:16
The Futurama Museum was updated tanks to Jason. I added Food-o-Rama, and also some buttons of TSAF, BBF and Planet Futurama. A lot of troubles in these days for the Futurama Community. That's all for today.
by JavieR / February 9, 2001 / 23:05
Like I promised, here is the new Zapp Wallpaper, you can get it in the wallpapers section. Can you see a small searchbox in the menu...?. I changed the TFP search, because the previous one only found crap. This one search only in TFP, so if u can't find something, give it a try. The poll will be closed at February 23. bye.
by JavieR / February 5, 2001 / 12:34
Introducing the new TFP section. Futurama Flash Animations. I only made one of Zoidberg riding a sperm, but you may expect more in the future. You have to understand that it's a little difficult to create this kind of Animations. That's all, and give me your comments about this new section.
by JavieR / February 4, 2001 / 11:23
It was supposed that the links were updated, but I forgot to do that, you can see the updated links, with Say argh! added. There's a new poll: The best new TFP download(s) is(are):... go to vote :P
by JavieR / February 3, 2001 / 12:41
Ok. This update was only made with one purpose (maybe two). The poll about the spanish version of TFP is done for today. The votes said everything, there's not gonna be that version. I think that the principal reason is because just a few percent of the Latinoamerican People is a die-hard Futurama Fan. That was the reason of the previous "TFP en español" shut down :( So, there's no new poll. I will add some one later. If you didn't read the past update, soon there's gonna be a new and original section of TFP. That's it.
by JavieR / February 2, 2001 / 15:00
I'm back in business around here. You can see a new pic of Dr. Zoidberg and there's another one of Fry. You can see them in the scans section. I'm doing well with the new wallpaper featuring Zapp. The poll is gonna be closed tomorrow, and obviously there is not will be a Spanish version of TFP. There's gonna be a new section of TFP. I hope you like it :) I guess that's all.
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