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by JavieR / January 31, 2001 / 13:25
Hi. Today I just added a Professor wallpaper from the desktop theme and the professor cursors too. I added Say Argh to the links and deleted BBF, and FLA from the Spanish Links. The NO is still wining the poll that is gonna be open until this sunday, so you have to vote now. New wallpaper coming soon. bye
by JavieR / January 29, 2001 / 15:55
Here it is, a little late, but is here. A new desktop theme featuring Professor Farnsworth. Is available to download in the themes section. in the next days I'm gonna add the cursors from the theme, and the wallpaper too. I have a new buddie, is one of the newest sites around, SayArgh.com, is a great site, so, you have to take a look. bye. If the banner is missing in all the pages please contact me to solve the problem.
by JavieR / January 26, 2001 / 21:04
Maybe you already knew that Futurama Latinoamerica closed down. Today, I added FLA to the Futurama Museum. Thanks to Marcelo (exWebmaster of FLA) and Jason, for the info and screenshots. What happened with the latin people!, the NO is winning the poll about the spanish version of TFP. Well. New desktop theme is coming this monday, featuring the Professor. bye.
by JavieR / January 21, 2001 / 22:27
More than 10 days since my last update. The reason is that 24/7 Entertainment has joined with Smoovenet.com, so the subdomains were unavailable. Ok, I updated the museum thanks to Jason, adding Big Book of Futurama and Futurama Daily trivia, so, go there cliking here. I also noticed that Futurama Latinoamerica has closed too, but we need more info before we put it in the museum. Don't forget that the POLL is still available for the spanish version of TFP. I know that I offered a new desktop theme, but I have been really busy in High School with thousands of Homeworks and tests. I hope to give you something new next week. CU. Don't forget that the ZAPP-AMP is available to download here.
by JavieR / January 9, 2001 / 10:29
I'm sorry for the lack of Updates but I was working hard in the last skin that I made, the ZAPP-AMP. Is one of the best skins yet, and includes AVS skin. You can download it in the skins section. I deleted the poll from freeguestbooks.com because someone voted 100 times in one day, the new poll has the same question, but this one is from freetools.com. Vote now. I have a Chemistry test this friday so you're not gonna see updates in this week. bye.
by JavieR / January 3, 2001 / 10:49
Hello and Happy Year 2001 to everyone. I didn't work a lot in the desktop theme that I was supposed to do but the ZappAmp is going very well, maybe one of the best winamp skin that I have never made, you'll see. Today I added just two scans, and I saw that the poll had 21 votes for the wallpapers section, so you'll see more wallpapers in the future. I guess that's all. I almost forgot, some people had asked me if I could open a spanish version of TFP, seriously, I can't decide that by myself because I don't know if there's a big quantity of people (that speak spanish, of course) to do that, so that's why the poll is updated why a new question: Do you want a spanish version of TFP?, go to vote now.
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