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by JavieR / October 27, 2000 / 16:16
Sorry for the lack of updates. Well, today I added just one new scan of the professor. The Museum was updated, adding the Fry File, non updated since 13.07.2000 and Ultimate Futurama. I'm making a new wallpaper, but I don't know when I'm going to finish it and upload it. That's all for now. Bye
by JavieR / October 18, 2000 / 17:48
This is great!, I hadn't time to update the site, I'm very busy right now. Today I updated the faq. I man named Jack Thompson, asks: Why do people ask you about yourself instead of Futurama? do you wanna know why? go ahead. The links were updated, adding the new design of Nothing But Nibbler, but the logo looks like the @killbots one!. that's all. bye.
by JavieR / October 11, 2000 / 21:21
Hi. I only updated one section. the Futurama Museum. Jason B. got a button of FE33, and the screenshot and buttons of Mass Hypnosis Hour, now added in the museum. So, you can take a look. bye
by JavieR / October 6, 2000 / 21:48
Welcome back. I saw some changes in some pages, designs, news...bla, bla. I updated the FryAmp, I made it better and fixed some problems with that skin. Two new pics are here. The links were updated. The FAQ was updated with a new question sent it by kixi: Who is your favorite character?, If you want to know it, go there. Bye
by JavieR / October 3, 2000 / 19:34
I hadn't updated the site in 15 days. First, I couldn't enter to the server to update the site, and after that, my internet connection was death. I don't know if I'm going to update the site soon, but TFP will be open, even I can't update it... Now that I'm back in High School, I don't have much time, But I will find enough to update this site. bye.
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