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by JavieR / August 27, 2000 / 19:54
Hi every one. You're supposed to see more updates per week but there is certain problem, or it could be that something is coming soon. Today I added two new stamps, so, go ahead. The links section has a new screenshot of the Leela Zone. If you want to support TFP, there is a new button in the Support section. That's all I can do for you, and, I'm going to make a Winamp Skin of Hermes Conrad some day. Bye
by JavieR / August 20, 2000 / 23:25
Sorry about the lack of updates but i had to clean up my computer. Today I've added one wallpaper of Fry and Bender and the links section has a new screenshot of NBN. That's all I can give you, bye
by JavieR / August 6, 2000 / 16:36
I added a few stuff today. There is a new wallpaper of Bender and two new stamps... one of Amy and other of Three Suns Planet. More is coming...
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