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by JavieR / July 31, 2000 / 12:10
Finally an update. Today I added two new scans. I also added a new button, check it out in the support section. New screenshots in the links section and some broken links were fixed. If this site is not updated in five or more days, don't worry because it will be back with more and new stuff. bye
by JavieR / July 25, 2000 / 12:17
My computer was very stupid all these days. In fact, is stupid right now, so I can not make any stuff for TFP. I'm trying to fix this problem but maybe TFP will not be updated in some days. I don't know...
by JavieR / July 16, 2000 / 16:41
Today, I added the wallpaper of the leela theme and the cursors too. I added Mass Hypnosis Hour to the links sections. I don't have time; I'm studying. bye
by JavieR / July 13, 2000 / 09:39
Just something new... the Futurama Museum has some new down sites. One recently down site is the Futurama oscars. There is a new futurama sign. I will update more when I finish high school, on July 20th. See you
by JavieR / July 8, 2000 / 22:03
The Futurama Web Museum has a new design. It is more attractive so you have to enter now. Soon I will add some new down sites. That's all. bye
by JavieR / July 7, 2000 / 17:33
The leela theme is ready to download, just go to the themes section (only one-eyed people click here to download). So, that's enough for today, see you around...
by JavieR / July 5, 2000 / 22:01
TFP is the page of the week at the Futurama Oscars. Thanks a lot. Soon, the Leela theme and others (maybe) bye
by JavieR / July 4, 2000 / 11:39
Finally an update. I have to reply a lot of emails but I made some new stuff. I added 3 new scans, and two new stamps. I also added one new sign. The leela theme is almost finished, I only have to work in the cursors. I've added a new screenshot in the links, and if you have information or screenshots for the museum, contact me
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