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by JavieR / June 29, 2000 / 23:48
The Futurama museum is here too. The URL is www.futuramamuseum.cjb.net or just go clikc the menu link on the menu. I'm sorry but I'm having some problems with my phone connection so you will have to wait for email replies or more frequent updates...cu soon!
by JavieR / June 26, 2000 / 15:10
I added some stuff today. First, the Dr. Zoidberg Amp, I think that is cool. Go to the skins section to download it. New poll (a stupid one). That's all, but I'm working hard in the Leela theme and in other stuff like icons, cursors and scans. Do you want more, just wait... Nos Vemos
by JavieR / June 20, 2000 / 07:41
I'm back again. There were some problems with the pages so I had to fix them. See you!
by JavieR / June 18, 2000 / 07:31
Hi, as you know MAAF changed servers and that left all the killbots subsidiaries (including TFP) down, but I'm back to give you what you want, eh?, whatever. First, I've made the main skin of Dr. Zoidberg... ...skin. The Leela theme is going well, but is probably that it would be here later than the Zoidberg Skin. Little new order in the links section because TFP doesn't have any preference between the sites. So, welcome back, and bye°
by JavieR / June 10, 2000 / 09:05
That's true, the Futurama Zone is back at: http://fzone.sweeetnet.com Go ahead!! bye
by JavieR / June 8, 2000 / 09:46
You have to see the poll bellow, dr. Zoidberg skin is the winner with more than 200 votes!. I've added two new scans. That's all, cya soon!!
by JavieR / June 3, 2000 / 07:58
Futurama Oscars is now open at http://oscars.toonsite.net. Is not finished yet, but you can take a look...
by JavieR / June 2, 2000 / 08:19
Yes, my phone line was dead but I think that the problem is solved :). I added three new scans and two new stamps. The poll results says everything, the next skin will be of doctor Zoidberg, but your vote can change the final results. I'm making a new "one-eyed" theme. I decided to help yuha with Nothing But Nibbler. I will try to make scans and stuff for the downloads section and maybe something else... New screenshots in the links section. cya!
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