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by JavieR / May 28, 2000 / 16:25
I added a new section in TFP, the Spanish links. Is the same that the English section but with Futurama site in spanish. There's a new poll, I have to make a skin of... vote now!. That's all for today, bye....
by JavieR / May 24, 2000 / 11:33
Hi. I can't update right now, I had and I have to study all the week, today I will give you some stuff. I've added one new wallpaper of Fry. There are two new stamps, one of Leela... and two new scans. That's all I can do, bye.
by JavieR / May 18, 2000 / 10:21
It is a busy week for me, that's why I'm not updating the site. I made two wallpapers, both about Bender. 3 new scans. I've added a new question in the TFP FAQ. If you know about a link of TFP that doesn't work, please contact me
by JavieR / May 14, 2000 / 14:45
Yes, I have no time right now, but I made some scans, you can see one on the right. I have to decide something, maybe you know what, bye.
by JavieR / May 11, 2000 / 15:49
I was and I'm busy, so I couldn't upload the nibbler theme yesterday. but, here is now the nibbler theme. Is the heaviest because the sounds have better quality. I also uploaded the wallpaper of the theme in the wallpapers section
by JavieR / May 9, 2000 / 19:32
Yes, a new award for TFP. Is from one of the best South Park sites, Kenny's Hall of Death. Some links were updated. bye... tomorrow, the nibbler theme...
by JavieR / May 7, 2000 / 11:46
So, after a lot of work the Amy amp (skin) is here. If you want to download it, go to the skins section. Two stamps added, one at the right. The Nibbler theme is done, but I don't have animated cursors, so, you will have to wait!. nos vemos
by JavieR / May 3, 2000 / 21:48
Yes, TFP is today the page of the week in Toon space
Thanks a lot and bye...
by JavieR / May 2, 2000 / 08:47
TFP has a new section, the futurama signs (like Traffic Signs), you can see one on the right. If you have suggestions for the new section contact me. I've made the main page more simple, so is more quick... I think. I've also added two new scans, one of Leela and the other of Bender. The links were updated. The Amy skin is almost finished. bye
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