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by JavieR / April 28, 2000 / 07:40
If you don't know how to add a stamp in your mail, the stamps section has a little tutorial (and two new stamps). that's old for today, cya!
by JavieR / April 26, 2000 / 20:35
The Futurama elite 33 is now just "The Futurama Elite" The site is now in the links section, so go ahead!. Another site in the links section is Futurama New Zealand.
by JavieR / April 25, 2000 / 17:19
I making the Amy skin, click here for a preview. The links are updated, I added two new sites: Nothing but Nibbler & Ain't no such thing as too much Amy Wong (new site)
by JavieR / April 22, 2000 / 08:02
Well, just a little update. I added the screenshot of Futurama oscars in the links section and that site is now available at http://oscars.morefuturama.com. A little problem with the design was fixed. bye!
by JavieR / April 21, 2000 / 22:58
As you can see TFP has a new main logo, and that logo will be in all the pages. Besides, all the pages have this style, so you can take a look the links were updated. Four new scans added. I'm working on the Nibbler theme, but I'm afraid that the cursors are different than the others of the cursors section, and if somebody can make "small size" sounds related to nibbler for the theme please contact me.
by JavieR / April 17, 2000 / 10:38
Yes, a new top site is now open at www.geocities.com/Futurama_oscars
is not finished yet, but you can take a look.
by JavieR / April 16, 2000 / 15:19
I will be updating the site like before. So, what's new, a new section could be here, but I'm not sure... I've added 4 new stamps, this time better than the old ones, 4 new scans added to the TFP scans, and one group of icons. More themes are coming. One featuring Leela, other features Nibbler and the las one features Professor Farnsworth. I changed the poll and you can now vote. I fixed some links of the wallpapers
by JavieR / April 12, 2000 / 17:04
Yes, that's right. Finally I uploaded the Amy theme. I was, I mean.. I'm busy again with high school. I uploaded a new group of cursors, this time of Amy, from the Amy theme. There is one wallpaper of Fry. I making new stamps, icons and scans, I think that I will make a skin of Amy... but I don't know!
by JavieR / April 10, 2000 / 20:43
You can use the contact form again. that's old. bye
by JavieR / April 8, 2000 / 19:14
Hi to everybody. Another busy week but I will try to update the site. I can't upload the Amy theme, I'm sorry, but I put the wallpaper of the theme. I can't login my email account so you'll have to contact me at: TFP@ecuabox.com and don't use the contact form!!. Added five new scans and some stamps. The links and the about sections were updated. Hold on, the Amy theme will be here!
by JavieR / April 2, 2000 / 16:49
What do you think about the new design? I think that is better that the old one. The sections will be updated later... I'm with some problems with my internet connection so the updates will not be so frequent. I will try to upload the Amy theme asap. bye
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