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by JavieR / March 27, 2000 / 21:21
Just a little update. I found this four new stamps that I never put online so check it out. bye
by JavieR / March 27, 2000 / 11:26
So, is time to update a few things. The Nibbler amp is now available in the skins section. I added four new scans and one new wallpaper
I made a new support button of TFP. If you need a button for your site or you want to exchange links see the options below on the left. The Amy theme will be here soon and some new cursors too!
by JavieR / March 24, 2000 / 23:27
Hi. Your supposed to see updates this week but I have not time right now, I had to study all the week so I can't do anything. Today I only put two new wallpapers, one of pyhoms and the other made by pierre, is a wallpaper with a great effect. Well, that's old for this week but I believe that the nibbler amp will be on Monday and, I making a new theme of Amy Wong so you have to come back!
by JavieR / March 17, 2000 / 08:40
There's a lot of work for me. I 'm working in a new skin, the nibbler skin, check the main here
I added six new scans, one on the left and two new wallpapers. Rate in the new poll: Do you like the new Themes?
by JavieR / March 14, 2000 / 20:06
Hi everybody, I made more stuff for the site but I will put some in the next update. The wallpaper from the Bender theme is now available in that section. I added two new buttons of TFP there's a new question in the f.a.q., and remember that you can send your question whenever you like. bie
by JavieR / March 12, 2000 / 23:48
I so glad because many people is coming to TFP typing the URL, and so many others hits come from the other sites, thanks a lot. In the last days I checked the new sites of Futurama, some are great, so I put some new sites in the links, and some updates too. I added the Bender theme, is really cool and some new stamps. The faq has a new question. go to see it. Today begin a new episode season here in Latinoamérica =)
by JavieR / March 8, 2000 / 14:57
I added a new section - the TFP faq. You can send your question about TFP and a will put that question online with an answer if is really good. I will try to fix all the problems of the site asap. bye
by JavieR / March 7, 2000 / 08:14
Since I started with TFP, I had put a lot of stuff and I don't have any room so I decided to move my site to the Killbots Network, and the URL is:
So update your links and bookmark the new url clicking here. I added two new wallpapers and 3 new scans and the akbar font for the Mac users. If some link is broken or there's a missing scan please contact me. Soon I will add the Bender theme and other stuff. cya!
by JavieR / March 2, 2000 / 15:38
Today I added a lot of stuff. I added one new theme of Fry, I think that is great. I'm going to delete the old themes and I will put more new themes like this one. I added one group of cursors, included in the Fry theme. The links were updated. There are 4 new scans and two new wallpapers, one of Bender and the other of Fry included in the theme too. The Futurama Museum is updated with more broken sites and if you know dates of any site please contact me. I put four new stamps, some of Bender and others.
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