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This is a non official section about the news/media/other related to the the DVD movies and the possible 2nd return of Futurama. The sources of the news will be listed always, unless the source can not be found.

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The more important news about the return of Futurama Returns are listed here chronologicaly from newer to older by year. Please contact me if you find any missing or wrong information. Use the menu to read post from the previous years.

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October 27, 2005
A news only mentioned this:

Comedy Central has engineered the biggest series rerun buy in its 14-year history, laying out $400,000 a half-hour for exclusive cable-TV rights to Twentieth TV's animated comedy "Futurama."
"Futurama," whose reruns are scoring solid numbers on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim after a five-year primetime stint on the Fox Network (1999-2003), arrives at Comedy Central with 72 episodes in January 2008 for a five-year license term. The show's Adult Swim contract expires in December 2007.

This had nothing to do with the Futurama movies, but talked about a rerun at Comedy Central and the high price that the company paid for a rerun. This buy will be later related with supposed new Futurama episodes.

July 15, 2005
A small post at talked about Futurama Direct-to-Video Greenlit:

In the first of IGN's exclusive Video Blogs direct from San Diego's Comic-Con International, voice actor Billy West (Fry, Zoidberg, the Professor, and many more voices for many more shows) revealed to us that a brand-new direct-to-video Futurama movie has been greenlit. Not only that, but there is also an option for a second movie as well.
With the model established by Family Guy's return – where a direct-to-video movie eventually spawned the show's return to Fox primetime as well – could the much-missed Futurama also be on the way back to a set near you?

May 20, 2005
The first rumour about the movies was posted by Billy West at his website's forum (8th post from the top), where he stated:

Top of the morning to you---and the rest of the day to myself.Ladies and gentlemen,boisenberries,pestals and stamens....there's encouraging news.
Well,I spoke to David X.Cohen because we did promos for a new Futurama compilation and he said that they did have talks with the top guys at FOX and they were extremely impressed with the sales of the Futurama DVDs.The idea was to make a Futurama movie right to DVD and then a 2nd and a 3rd.That's what's being discussed.Fox is trying to figure out a budget for the whole project,and it sounded like David X. was very jazzed!
I would love more than anything to do that show again.I thought it was best experience on every level...creatively,voice-wise,writing,animation and the laughs.The laughs.Writers and performers that respected each other.
No derelict genius looking down the barrel of his own complacency wrecking everything in his wake.
Wouldn't it be nice?
A great day to be us.What's better than that?

Love is in the air and so is mercury but we're working on it.

Bye all,

Of course, there was a lot of skepticism in the Futurama comunity. Besides, some interviews with the staff of Futurama, named a "very dificult" or "long shot" possibility about the return of the series.

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