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Into The Wild Green Yonder DVD giveaway contestIf you want to win a DVD copy of the last Futurama Movie, INTO THE WILD GREEN YONDER, this is your chance. I've 3 DVDs to giveaway and I can only add you until Monday, February 23th of 2009 @ 22H00 (GMT -5)*, so hurry! I'll pick the 3 Winners randomly.

Please fill all the details below, but first read and follow this small rules:

  • USA and Canada residents only
  • Give your real Name, Email and Address (I will use that info only for this Contest, believe me on that)
  • If you're not 13 years old yet, you'll need a permission from your parents in order to participate
  • You're out of the contest if you're entering more than once :)
  • This form will be active for everyone until Monday, February 23th of 2009 @ 22H00 (GMT -5)* (One day before the DVD release in USA)
Contest Winners:
  • D. Lauff (USA)
  • J. H. Thull (USA)
  • J. Lacobelli (Canada)
Each one will receive a DVD copy of Into the Wild Green Yonder.. if you were not lucky enough, you can still get Into the Wild Green Yonder on DVD or Blu-Ray at Amazon.
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