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From bad, to worse, to perfect

Author: Yubbles

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This is my first ever fanfic, and I give credit to Red_Line for inspiringe with their 'eight hours to Earth' fanfic
Hope you enjoy!

It was early morning when Fry woke up to a bright light entering his room, another month had begun, what seemed to be what a normal day felt like, but through the next few days, things got from bad to worse.
When Fry entered the building, there was noone, he had checked everywhere, he had gotten excited for Which day it was, and it turned out noone remembered, not even Bender, who was constantly being informed about what day it was. Nobody had remebered Fry's birthday, that had crushed him, he then decided that TV would take his mind off of it. Once he entered, a crowd had jumped out infront of him as he had turned on the lights.

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" yelled the crew

Fry had the crap scared out of him, falling backwards and nailing his head on the desk behind him, knocking him unconcious.
Leela was worried, Fry was out for at least three hours, a simplew bang on the head shouldn't have taken him out that hard, but then again, it was a pretty hard hit...

"Dont worry Leela" Amy assured her " He'll be fine, relax"
Six hours later, Fry had started waking, he light was blinding him, a white light, it was beatiful, and he heard voices...

"Ah, so you are awake" stated Zoidberg as he pulled out a scalpel from a cabinet

"What are you doing Zoidberg?" asked Fry, still partly unconcious

" I'm fixing your dorsal fin, it seems you have lost it from the impact"

That was Zoidberg for you, had no idea what he was doing

"Sweet mama from da Bahamas, your awake!" exclaimed Hermes

"Phew, we though you'd be out for another few hours" said Amy

" Well, I guess I got out early, speaking about getting out, I was wondering if I could get off work a bit...." said Fry

"No Fry" interjected Hermes "You ain't gettin off o' work early just 'cus it's ya birthday, besides, today, we've got a special delivery to...."

"Good news everyone!"

This was just wha the crew needed, another scuicidal mission given to them by the crazy old man

"You'll be retrieving some dextrosameldahidaline, I need it to do some expiriments"

"Professor?" asked Fry " What exactly is dextrosameldahidaline anyway?"

"Wha?... Oh, yes, that, it's a highly toxic chemical"

"Then why Im the world do you need it?" asked Leela

"oh nothing, just making more of those doomsday devices, never know when you're gonna need those again!"
The crew had finaly managed to get the dextrosameldahidaline and finaly got to leave, unfortunately, sleeping was going to be hard since it had killed most of their top layer of skin and the re-growth was quite painful, except for Bender.
Leela just got to bed when she noticedthat the window was open, thinking that she left t open when she left for the delivey, she closed it without regard of why the window was open and went back to bed. All of a sudden, someone had grabbed her and knocked her out cold, dragging her into the hover-van and sped off into the night........ When she had woken up, she was bound and gagged, this must've been a dream, but it all felt to real. She looked around, but it was too painful to move her eyes left alone her head, but before she passed out from the pain, she had gotten a glimpse of the capturer, he seemed familiar, a bit too familiar, then darkness...
It turned out that Fry's birthday hadn't been as good as he hope, he thought that he might be able to get some rest, and he was secretly hoping for a present from a certain someone, but of course he didn't get it, they seemed to not notice what he felt about them. If only he could get that gift, but they never seemed to notice what Fry felt about it... He could still dream, couldn't he?
Fry had not slept well, he had a feeling that something was wrong, but he pushed that aside and swallowed his cereal

" Hows it goin meatbag?"

" Other than the severe burns I had to endure from the last mission, pretty good, you"

"Me? Well, I shouldn't be telling you this but..." Bender trailed off

"What?" asked Fry, curious to know

"Hahahaha, nothing, just messin with you, fun isn it?"

"Whatever, hey, let's go to work, and let's just hope the old man doesn't give us yet another scuicidal mission like yesterday."
Leela woke up to the sound of heavy machinery, confused, she gt up, when a rush of pain surged through he body, was she still dreaming? No, it couldn't be, she had never experienced something like this, it also felt so lifelike, so real

"Ah" said a mysterious hooded figure "Youre awake"

"Who the hell are you?" exclaimed Leela in a confused yet angred voice

"Thats not important right now" hissed another hooded being "All we want is him... the one..."

"What? What do you mean by 'the one'?" asked Leela

"You know you know him, and you tell us all we need, it might take a while, but we'll find ways to make you talk" chuckled the first

"Id like to see you try" Said Leela in a slightly scared voice

The creatures laughed and laughed, then pulled out a pole.

" You see this? It's no ordinary pole, it delivers a painful amount of electricity, just enogh to make you hurt, but not die" said the first with a wicked, twisted smile on his face
The next day was just like every day for Fry, so he and Bender went off to work, expecting another crazy mission.
When they had entered the Planet Express building, there was Zoidberg, like usual, raiding the dumpser, expecting 'delicasies' such as empty pizza boxes with leftover peperoni and cheese sticking to the top. If he was lucky, he would find a crust of two. Hermes, like every day, was at his office colating paprwork from their last delivery. Amy, though, was fixing the main generator due to the acidic fumes from the mission before. Scruffy walked by, sweeping the floor. Nobody knew anything about scruffy, and they wanted it to stay that way, since they were unsure if he had been a gangster previously. The professor was sleeping and Bender was watching TV. Something wasn't right though. Something was missing... or someone. Then Fry checked the ship, usualy, Leela was there checking up on the ship, but not today, she was nowhere to be seen. This worried Fry, but he told himself that she must be sick, nothing major.
Pain was all that Leela could feel, she had been trapped here for only two days, yet she was barely hanging on. She held on only because of an unconcious thought. The thought of something... Of someone...

It was morning and she had woken up to the sound of her cell opening up. She was picked up and thrown into a van of some sort, all she could hear was

"They've found us, we must get out"

This was all confusing. She had no idea why she was here, why these men wanted her. They claimed that she was 'the other' and could be used to lure 'the one'. She had no clue to who the one was, not the faintes idea. All of a sudden, she was knocked unconcious and was sent with the men to a distant planet in the outer reaches of space...
This was not what Leela did, she had been gone a week now, and Fry was getting worried. He had not heard, or seen any signs of Leela. This was not like her at all. What had happened to her, he needed to know.
"Bender" said Fry after work during their beer " I need your help"

"Ahh" mused Bender "So the meatbag comes crawlin' back, so what's it you need? Burglery? Need someone... Removed?"

"No, I just need you help, there might be some looting involved"

"Sweet, I'm in"

"Alright, all we need to do is go to Planet Express... I uh..."

"Lemme guess, your gonna Jack the ship, aren't you"

"Uh... Sure, why not, but that's not really what I had in mind"

"Ah, I see... I'm in, on one condition... I'm gonna need a few... Items"

After getting several bottles of beer and some gearotica magazines for Bender, they were of to Planet Express
Leela woke up with a jolt that made every part of her body screaming in pain. She couldn't take it, they treated her horribly, and what were seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days, and days felt like an eternity. She needed to get out, all she needed was help.
Fry entered Hermes' office, looking for the paper with their career chip ID. Once he had found it, he could find out where Leela was, then all would be alright.

"Damn Imternet, one thing you'd expect in the future would be better Internet!"

After minutes of waiting, the computer had located Leelas position, but he didn't understand, why would Leela want to go to Syphonolyn 3, especially during pirate season, then he realized, she wasn't there by will, she was there as a hostage. Fry was enraged, he ran down to the ship knocking Bender over and headed to the ship. He hope he still knew how to fly it, and eventually, it did, so off he went, off to rescue Leela.
Yet another day, yet another torture session. Leela was about go crazy. Nothing had ever been so horrible, she thought that even Benders cooking was heavenly compared to her current state. All of a sudden, another one of the captors entered the cage.

"Why don't you just kill me right now?" asked Leela, hoping that they would, she had lost all hope of rescue and just wanted to die.

"Why would I want to do that?" said a voice, it was familiar, but Leela could figure it out until the figure pulled it's hood off


"You know it" he said as a smile slid across his face

"Oh I'm so happy your here, I..."

"Shhhhh" fry shushed Leela " We can talk later, we need to get out of here"

Standing up took Leela so much effort that she almost fainted. Fry helped her up and helped her walk.

"Here, take this" said Fry, handing her a blaster "Youll need this to fight off the hooded guys"

Limping back to the ship, Fry and Leela had been spotted by the hooded people, so they ran off towards the ship. Out of breath and pained everywhere, Leela had managed to get onto the ship, followed by Fry and the sound of laser fire everywhere. As soon as they had taken off, they were in persuit. The ship still wasn't completely fixed from the mission a week ago, bit they had managed to flee just fine, all until they were hit inthe engine. Knowing that the ship was armed, the nodded figures launched rocket after rocket, staying out of range. The Planet Express ship was hit by many rockets, and was sent hurling into space, no power and little food supply.

"Argh" cursed a hooded figure "They got away!"

"Don't worry, they won't last two days" said another "Theyll die quicker than a fish out of water"
"NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!" yelled Fry as they hurtled through space " They took our engines out and now we've got little electricity... DAMN!!!!"

"Fry, calm down, we can do this... Together..." said Leela, she couldn't help it, but a smile got past, this caused Fry to smile back

"Alright, together" said Fry "So what exactly happened back there?"

So Leela gave him the rap, and couldn't stop herself from crying, she had been put through so much. Fry leaned in and hugged her. Leela felt something, a fire inside, as they hugged, a warmness enveloped them. Pulling out of the hug, Leela looked at Fry.

"Thank you so much Fry, I couldn't have imagined going through another day"

"I know... I just couldn't stand it without you, it felt as if a part of me had died, now that your safe, I know that everythings going to be okay"

Leela couldn't stop herself from blushing a little, and neither could Fry. They stood there for a few moments, looking into each others eyes, she had never really though of it, but Leela noticed a change in Fry, he was different, more of a man, not a foolish child as before. He would do stupid things e ery now and then, but when there was something to be done, he'd be there, no questions asked. Then she realized how tired she had felt and colapsed o to the floor of the ship
Leela had woken up to the sound of Fry opening a package of some sort.

"Thought that you could use some food" he said "I know it not fancy, but you need to eat, after all, you do seem a bt pale"

"Thanks Fry, I appreciate it" she said with a smile on her face

She ate in silence, wondering why all of this had happened, why was she taken, who was 'the one' and why was she 'the other'? She then looked up at Fry, who had a smile on his face, looking at her. His smile, she couldn't resist it, it wasn't anythig special, just a smile, but the way he did t, that boyish hint to it just melted her o the inside.

"Why aren't you eating Fry?" asked Leela

"You need it more, I can handle a little bit of hunger, plus, we need to ration it since we don't have that much" he answered



"Why did you go through all that trouble for me, surely you had better thing to do"

"No, I don't have anything better to do" said Fry, and softly added "And I couldn't spend another day knowing that your not nearby"

They looked into each others eyes, but that was soon broken once they were knocked off the bed due to a large quake from the ship

"What the hell was that?" asked Leela

"I dunno, stay put, I'll go check it out" said Fry, slowly getting up.

Fry left and soon ran back with a panicked look on his face

"Fry, what's wrong?" asked Leela, a hint of worry in her voice

"The hulls been breached and the hooded dudes are comin in! You better hide, Ill take care of them, besides, you've been pit through alot lately, and besides, I don't want anything to happen to you" he comented as he pulled out a blaster, sneaking out of Leelas cabin. As soon as Fry had left, Leela got out of her bed and stalked down to the bridge. Everything was dark and quiet, too quiet. As she slowly turned, she discovered that a hooded creature was aiming it's pistol at Leela.

"It turns out that we won't be needing you anymore" said the thin Ina clam, icy voice "We have found the one, all that is needed to be done is to exterminate you, any last words?"

A silence filled the room

"No? Well I guess dying without last words won't hurt, oh well" said the thing, slowly raising its pistol.

"NOOOOOOO" yelled Fry as he dove out infront of Leela as the thing fired.

Fry had dropped, limp on the ground, dying. Then, for some reason, the creatures left he ship, but Leela didn't focus on that, she was down on the ground by Fy, he had died for her, he had saved her. Leela couldn't move let alone talk, she was horrified. She was so horrified, tears flooded her eyes as she watched Fry die right in front of her. What she didn't notice though, was that the creatures had left due to the fact that the Planet Express ship was headed straight into a planet. Soon enough, the ship had crashed, but Leela had managed to pull herself from the wreckage. As she watched the ship burn, she cried harder than ever before. There, in the wreckage, was the man that had saved her from the monsters, she had started to feel some love for him in the last few days, and that was all taken away from her in those few moments. She had lost almost all her will to live, he was dead because she had made a stupid mistake of leaving her cabin. It was all her fault that he had died, and she could not put that out of her mind.
It had been two weeks since Fry had died. Leela had been discovered by a crew of oil tanker pilots who had taken her back to Earth. She as still upset, at home, at work, she couldn't stop moping about the incident a few days back, there hadn't been a day where she didn't cry herself to sleep, or a day where she was happy for even a fraction of a second. She was at the conference table one day when someone had came up and asked:

"what's wrong" said the strangly familiar voice.

"Frys dead, he died because of a stupidistakethat I had made, he died before I could even tell him how I felt about him" said Leela

She pulled out a tissue to blow her nose and continued:

"He had finaly started getting better, mature, and a month before, I had feelings that I have never felt before. It was nice, I didn't know what it was until I had figured out that I had loved him... All I wanted to do was to tell him how I felt, but right before, those hooded things had killed Fry before I could tell him."

"I love you too" said the voice

"What are you talking about?" asked Leela as she turned around, and wasnshocmed to find Fry standing in front of her, even though he was a bloody mess, she ran up and hugged him. She pulled out slightly so they could be face to face. Time seemed to stop at that moment. Fry was the happiest he'd ever been, and so was Leela, nohimg could ruin this moment. They leaned in and shared a kiss, but not a long one at that. As they pulled away for they stared deeply into one anothers eyes. They kissed again, but longer, and with more passion. This was the day that Fry had always dreamed of. He was on fire inside, he didn't care about anything else, just about the moment, time seemed to stand still. True love had finaly found it's course.


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