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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.


Author: Yubbles

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[Yubbles's Fan Fics] [Fan Fics MAIN]

It was just another day for the people at planet express. Bender and Fry were at the TV wathing 'all my circuits', Leela was feeding and playing with nibbler, Hermes was colating files as usual, Scruffy was reading the new edition of "Zero-G-Jugs" claiming that he was on break. Amy was talking to Kif and had been doing so for the past two hours, and the professor was creating a new, crazy expiriment, and Zoidberg was raiding the fridge. Just then, Hermes had left his office and called everyone to come to the meeting. Eveybody sighed and did so.

"Todays order of buisness" said Hermes "somebody has been stealing lunches from the..."

"It wasn't me I tell you" yelled Zoidberg "It was Fry!"

"Hey!" yelled Fry "not this again, you blamed me for breaking the professors bottle before!"

Zoidberg turned around and saw Amy.

"Don't look at me, I always buy my lunch" exclaimed Amy "and besides, we all know it was you"

"I agree" interjected Leela "No one here but you steals lunches, and we don't need to since we have our own"

"Speak for yourself you meatbags" said Bender "I, unlike you pathetic humans, do not have a need for silly food! I'm not as weak."

"Ya ya mon" said Hermes with a slightly annoyed voice "we need to get beck to business!"

Just when Hermes finished, there was a shaking in the ground. Everyone rushed under the table as chunks of the room's ceiling started raining onto the table. Unfortunately, Fry's foot wasn't completely covered by the table, and was injured when a pipe fell on his leg. Pain shot through his entire body. He wasn't the only one injured by the earthquake. Zoidberg's claw was cracked, along with a sprained finger from Hermes and cuts and bruises for everybody else.
It turned out that Fry's leg wasn't majorly damaged, it was just fractured, after leaving the hospital, Fry hobbled his was down to the Planet Express building with his crutches and cast. When he entered, Leela was waiting for him.

"Hi Fry" said Leela "I need to ask you anfavour"

"Sure" said Fry "Anything"

"Well, you see, the earthquake knocked my entire building down, so I need a place to crash. I was about to ask Amy, but then remembered how she could be so... I don't know, just Amy. Hermes is going on a vacation, the professor, well, you know, he's kind of a crackpot, and Zoidberg... He doesn't even have a place, so I was wondering if I could crash at your place. Could I?"

Fry was surprised, Leela, the woman he loved, wanted to stay at HIS apartment (along with Bender). This was a dream come true.

"Of course you can Leela" said Fry, studering slightly

"Thanks Fry, I knew I could count on you" said Leela with a smile.
"Well, here it is" said Fry, opening the door to his room.

"So this is it huh? Not as bad as I thought" said Leela, who did not know that Fry had cleaned it up before she came "I though there would be food and clothes thrown across the room, but I guess I was wrong"

"Hehe" said Fry nervously "Its always like this"

He had to lie about it. He didn't want Leela to think of him as a pig, although she probably thought he was one already. There was no pleasing her, but this might help her change her mind. This was the perfect day for Fry, he could finaly make his move on Leela... again. But this time, for some reason, he  might just get lucky.
Bender had just gone to looting downtown, which left Fry and Leela alone. Fry was so anctious. This was it, time to make his move on Leela, they were sitting on Fry's bed, looking out of the window.

"Um... Leela?" said Fry

"What is it?" she turned to face him.

"You know, we are alone, and I was thinking that..."

"Sorry Fry" interupted Leela "I can't, I'm going on a date with Paul"

"What?" asked Fry, dumbfounded "You have a boyfriend? I thought..."

"I was going to tell you, but I never got a chance, oh, look at the time, I've got to get ready for our date today, can you take care of nibbler for me? Thanks Fry"

Leela ran off to the washroom and started changing. Fry was crushed, he finally found the courage inside of him to make a move, and he though that Leela was starting to like him, but how foolish he was.
She was outside the restaurant as Paul arrived. He was tall and had brown hair, and muscular, he was eveyhing Leela wanted. Everything was perfect, even on their first date, she had felt a connection, and on the dates before, she just might be  in love.

"So, what will you have for dinner today?" asked Paul

"Well" said Leela "I thought I just might have some pasta, what about you"

"I was just thinking the same thing"
There was Fry, sitting on his bed, thinking. He was thinking back on the memories of him and Leela. She was everything he wanted and everything he needed. All of this was lost, she was off with another, better guy, just as things started looking good for Fry, Paul had to show up. So there he was, sitting on his bed, thinking. His eyes started watering, and a tear slid down his cheek. It was all taken away from him, she was taken away from him.

"I though there might have been something between us these past few days" mumbled Fry to himself in a wavering tone "I give up, so many years wasted"

Why he bothered, he did not know, he just knew he loved her, but was he just going to give up now. No, she meant alot to him, he would do anything, just to have her with him. Then again, she had never really liked him. So Fry had to choose: go for the woman of him dreams and break his heart countless times for almost nothing, or give up. He pondered this thought, starting out of the window into the depths of New New York. Almost all hope was lost, but still, Fry would try, he couldn't give up, he could only hope for the best.
Her date with Paul was perfect until his ex-girlfriend arrived, and decided to stared an argument with him.

"Oh, I have to powder my nose" said Leela, not wanting to get caught in the middle of his conundrum "I'll be back soon"

As she went to 'powder her nose' Leela waited a bit to make sure that she wouldn't enter at the climax of the battle. After waiting an extra three minutes, she exited the bathroom, only to find Paul walking out of the restaurant door, with his ex.

"Paul!" yelled Leela "What are you doing with her?"

"It turns out that I just got back with my girlfriend" said Paul "I won't be needing you anymore"

"Wait, WHAT?" exclaimed Leela "You... You used me?"

"What does it loom like, of course I used you" he turned to his girlfriend "Lets get outta here baby"

Leela was left alone, her eye watering, tears streaming down her face. The man she had had feelings, deep feelings, had used her to get with a floosie. All of a sudden, Leela was cold, really cold. She stood there for several minutes, waiting for him to come back. He was gone. Realizing this, Leela started walking back to Fry and Bender's apartment.
The door opened, and theere was Leela, she walked in, closed the door, sat on the couch, and cried. Fry, who was in the bathroom, got out, and spotted Leela.

"Your here early... oh..." said Fry, who realized that Leela was crying "What happened"

Fry sat down and took off his jacket, tenderly placing it on Leelas shoulders.

"You look cold" he said as he sat down

"Thanks Fry, your the best friend anybody could asked for" she said as she smiled to Fry.

"What happened?"

Leela knew that Fry would listen, so she told him about the night. She couldn't help it, she just collapsed into Fry's arms and started weeping.

"Careful, my leg's crippled, and it's a bit tender"


"No, it's okay, just wanted to remind you, but I woudn't be the first time you've hurt me" he said, he couldn't help laughing, but Leela had hurt him physically many times before. But she had also hurt him emotionaly, but he didn't care right now, Leela was I'm his arms. Sure, she was weeping, but just knowing that he was comforting her comforted him.
Leela was still crying in Fry's arms, it had been and hour or so, but Fry was comforting her, even though she had broken his heart several times, he was still there for her. She was amazed at how he could handle all of the pain, physical and emotional, and keep coming back for more. Yet there she was, in Fry's arms, she was happy there, and always was around him. Her crying had slightly subsided. Fry had been patting her back, and that had calmed her down. She didn't know why, but she was more comfortable around him, not only comfortable, but happy, and felt that there was someone there for her. She had been so blind. She had never really notice these little things.

"Fry" said Leela, still slightly crying "Thanks for everything"

"No problem" he said "Everyone needs a hug once in a while"

Just as he finished talking, Bender ran in with several bags of loot, gasping for air.

"Hey meatbags, Im gonna be gone for a while, the cops are onto me, so I'll just get some crap then leave"

Several minutes passed and Bender had left. Fry was surprised that Bender didn't crack any jokes about Fry and Leela, but Fry was glad he didn't.
Leela had been in his arms for about two hours, she looked at the clock and it read 1:00 am.

"Its getting late" said Fry, who also happened to look at the clock "We both need some rest, but I doubt that Planet Express is opening tomorow due to the damage, so I guess we get to sleep in and get the day off"

"I guess your right" said Leela "I am a bit exhausted"

As Leela went to get changed, Fry stared out the window, he had the whole entire day off with Leela tomorow, yet he wasn't as happy as he thought he would be. It was probably the fact that Leela was unhappy, and it made him slightly uncomfortable... but at least he could be there to help her get through, that's what really mattered to Fry. All he wanted was for her to be happy.

"Alright" said Leela, headed to the couch "Good night"

"Wait" said Fry "Dont use the couch, it has some springs stickng out of it, and I doubt you want to wake up as a bloody mess. You can use my bed if you want" he added.

"Thanks Fry" she said, kissing him on he cheek "Your so sweet"

"No problem" he said, blushing noticably

Leela wasn't sure, but she thought she was blushing a little too

"Wait" said Leela "Where are you gonna sleep?"

"The floor's good enough" said Fry "Sure, it's not that great, but it's better than waking up with several holes in my back"

"I guess your right" Leela said "Any way, good night Fry"

It was 11:00 am, and Leela had the best nights sleep in her entire life, when she woke up though, she found herself on the floor. She must've fallen off. Just then, Fry woke up and saw Leela on the floor.

"Rough nights sleep eh?" said Fry, chuckling a little

"Accually, it was a really good night, except for the fact that my shoulders a little sore from the fall" she explained as she started getting up.

"So, I guess we have the entire day off, anything you wanna do?" said Fry "Anything to help you get over that Paul guy"

"Sure" said Leela, unconsiously smiling "Why don't we go outside for a walk and may e get some breakfast"

"Sure, sounds great" said Fry
Fry and Leela had been outside all day, and were now sitting ontop of a rock facing the woods that surrounded New New York. The sun was setting, and they moved closer. Leela had put her head on him shoulder, and he put his head on hers. So there they were, looking out into the woods, watching the sunset.

"Its so beatiful" said Leela "I've never really looked at anything the same ever since our first mission, I thank you for that Fry. Without that, I would never learned to see beauty in even the smallest of thing."

"Anytime Leela" Fry said "Anytime"

Fry was so happy then, there he was, with Leela, admiring the beautiful sunset, but to him, a sunset was nothing compared to Leela. Leela turned around and saw him looking at her, she couldn't help blushing a little and nervously turned back the the setting sun. Once the sun had set, they were lying down, stargazing. Leela was somehow warm, even though it must be freezing cold outside, she felt warm inside. She moved closer to Fry and put her head on his chest. She could hear his heart racing, and she felt hers do the same. Fry was so happy, Leela had willingly put her head on his chest, Fry was on fire inside. Nothing could ruin this wonderful moment, not even if Zoidberg had decided to interupted them

"Its getting kind of late, don't you think?" asked Leela "Afterall, we probably have work tomorow"

"I guess your right" said Fry "Let's get going"

They walked down the street, where Fry went to hold Leelas hand, and she didn't reject it. Fry must have been dreaming, nothing this good had ever happened to him. As they came back to the apartment, the phone started ringing. Fry picked it up as Leela went to change into her pyjamas.

"Ya" said the voice "Is this a... Turanga Leela?"

"No" said Fry "Would you like to talk to her?"

"That'd be great, thanks" replied the voice.

A minute or two passed, then Leela came out of the bathroom.

"Its for you" sad Fry

"I wonder who it could be" said Leela, slightly puzzled.

"Hello, Turanga Leela?" asked the voice

"Yup, that's me" replied Leela

"Your appartment is fixed and you can move back in tomorow"

"Oh, that's great" said Leela happily "Thanks for letting me know"

"No problemo" said the voice, and hung up.

"So" asked Fry "What was all that about?"

"The contractor called, and he said that my appartment is done. I'm moving back in tomorow"

"Wow, that's... great I guess" said Fry " But I'm gonna miss having you around"

"Thanks Fry" said Leela "Thats sweet, and don't worry, we still have work"

"Huh, I guess work is better now that I think about it, since I've got all my friends there" said Fry.
The next day, Fry walked Leela back to her appartment and helped her with all of her items. When they reached her appartment, Leela invited Fry inside.

"So" Fry asked "Where should I put your stuff?"

"Anywhere's fine really" said Leela "Want something to drink?"

"No, Im fine, well... I guess I should be getting back now"

"Wait" said Leela "Why don't you stay a little longer?"

This was too good to be true. Fry couldn't help smiling, so he went back and sat down beside her on her couch.

"Thanks for taking me in Fry" she said "I apreciate it"

"It's nothing, really" he said with a grin

There was a moment of awkward silence, when Leela began talking.

"Look Fry" she stated "I'm sorry for treating you so badly, I never meant to hurt you, but I did. I can't live my life normaly knowing how much harm I've done to you... really, what I'm trying to say is... I..."

"It's okay" Interupted Fry "I know you didn't mean to... I forgive you"

"Fry, why do you keep going, why risk breaking your heart for me?"

"Because... I... it's because I love you, Leela"

She sat there, here eye watering a little.

"Oh Fry" said Leela, realizing the truth between them "I love you too"

They then leaned in and embraced in a hug. They were like that for several minutes, and she was sudenly happy, happier than ever before. So was Fry. Things had finaly worked out between them, and all of the pain, all of he heart break was worth it. It was all worth it. She pulled away, and looked in his eyes. Her looked into her eye. Hey leaned in, and were nose to nose, then after a moment of gazing, they went closer and shared a kiss. Even if it wasn't very long at all, it felt like an eternity for both of them. For that moment, only they existed, nothing else. As they pulled away, Fry whspered:

"I love you"

Leela replied "I love you too"


[Yubbles's Fan Fics] [Fan Fics MAIN]

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