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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Beat the Ginger Day - Part 1

Author: Yubbles

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It was just another day of acomplishing very little to nothing. No packages were to be delivered and Hermes was out sick, so the Planet Express employees wouldn't get a huge lecture on productivity. So there they were, Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg were watching the news.

"Greetings foolish Earthlins" said Morbo the anchor-monster in the usual, maniacle way "We will defeat you!" this was followed by the usual evil laugh.

"Sure!" said Bender "You keep saying that and look where you've gotten, he's such a bragged!"

"Yeah" agreed Fry "Im getting tired of his rants on destroying the human race"

"Spleesh!" exclaimed Amy "You should be happy that IF it does happen, it's not happening now!"

"I guess you have a point" agreed Leela

So they continue to watch until Bemder changed the channel to a comedy channel, and there was South Park episode.

"I remeber this show!!!" said Fry excitedly "It was pretty funny until season 3"

"Yeah" said Zoidberg "The 235th season was no better"

"So, I'm guessing this shows popular here, right?" asked Fry

"Of course!" said Leela "Almost everyone I know watches it... I heard that they're running the ancient versions, since they found them hurried under a McDonalds a few days ago"

So they continued to watch, until Fry suddenly cried:

"Oh god NO! Not THIS episode!"

"Whats wrong Fry?" asked Leela "I though you liked..."

"Not THIS one!!" interupted Fry "Oh, look at the time, Ive gotta go home... uh ... yes, home. I ... uh ... left my ... toaster, yes, toaster on, it might burn the house down!"

As he finished his studdered scentence, he bolted out of the room.

"Whats wrong with that skintube?" asked Bemder "He doesn't even know we live in an appartment, not a house"

As they continued watching, they found out why Fry was desperate to leave, this episode was an episode against gingers ("ginger" = person with red hair [for those who didn't know]) and Fry was obviously a Ginger

As the episode finished, Bender yelled : "Dibs on the crow bar!"

"Bender!" yelled Amy and Leela in unison


"We are not going to beat the crap out of Fry!" said Leela in an angry tone

"Aw man!" whined Bender "You flesh bags always take the fun out of beating thing 'til they burst!"
"Okay" said Fry to himself, trying to forget the horrible beatings he got on those days "Im almost..."

Just then, a mob appeared from behind a corner

"GINGER!!!!!" yelled the leader as he lead the mob into battle with a fierce battle cry. Fry ran for his life, but was running out of energy, just when he thought all hope was lost, a shadowed figure pulled him into an alleyway. As Fry fell on the floor after poising his balance, he noticed Leela was the one who pulled him in the alley.

"No. No no no, please, please don't hurt me, I'll give you anything, just don't kick or punch me!"

"Shut up Fry, they'll hear you and hunt you down!" whispered Leela with a stern tone in her voice.

"So... so you're NOT gonna beat the crap outta me?" asked Fry bewildered.


"Phew! But wait, why would you of all people save me?"

"I dunno... I guess I owe you one" as she said this, she couldn't help but smile.

"So... how are we gonna get outta here without people noticing us?"

"Follow me"
After several minutes of walking through various alleyways, they finally made it to a hair salon.

"What, I'm getting my hair dyed? I prefer to stay a red-head, even if it does mean getting crushed by many people for no reason. My hairs part of my personality and I like it this way!"

"Me too" mumbled Leela

"Did I hear you right?" said Fry with his childish grin on his face.

"I dunno, you want me to beat you sence-less like everybody else wants to?"

"Well... uh... I guess not" he said disapointedly

"Good" replied Leela"Lets keep it that way, oh, and you're not getting your hair dyed, we're ... I mean I'm gonna get you a wig, I'll be back in a second!"
After a few minutes, Leela was back with a black hair wig, as Fry put it on, he felt it tighten, and screamed
In shock.

"Oh relax" explained Leela "Wigs tighten around a persons head until they rip it off"

"Does it hurt?" asked Fry

"I dunno" admitted Leela "Lets find out, shall we?"

As she ripped the wig off of Fry's head, he yelled in pain as the wig was torn off.

"Oh, sorry" said Leela, a little embarassed

"Its fine, better that having bender do it" comented Fry as he massaged his head "Alright, let's get outta here"

"Where to?" asked Leela, handing Fry his wig back

"How about the park, since it is a nice day outside afterall..."

"Sounds good"
There they were, sitting on a bench, talking.

"So" started Leela "What was it like at school on 'beat the Ginger kid day'?"

A look of pain and sorrow shot across his face, a tear forming in one of his eyes as he remembered those horrible days.

"Oh" said Leela gutily "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have axes"

"No, it's okay" there was a pause and Fry began again "At school, I would walk in, and next thing I knew, I was on the ground gettingthe s**t beaten out of me, one of them started poking me with a pencil, leaveing several scars and lots of blood on my shirt..." as he finished, Fry broke down crying.

"There, there Fry" said Leela, trying to sooth him "You're fine now, no one's gonna beat you up today, not on my watch!"

"Thanks Leela" said Fry, calming down, and he looked in Leelas eye "I apreciate it" as he finished, he had one of his childish grins on his face.

Fry and Leela were sitting there, watching the sunset, and soon after, they were gazing at the stars in the dark void of space.

"Well, it's getting late Leela, I guess I'm gonna go home" he stood up and started walking until Leela pushed him back down on the bench.

"Are you an idiot?!?!?" exclaimed Leela

"Hey!" said Fry, quite offended

"Wait, you didn't let me finish" continued Leela "If you go home, Bender's gonna beat you 'til you're half dead!"

"Well, where else am I gonna go?" asked Fry

"Well" said Leela, stammering slightly "You could always, you know... you could stay at my place for the night"

"Uh... sure, Id love to, I mean... I... uh..."

Leela laughed a little as Fry was looking for the right words

"C'mon, let's go" said Leela
"1I..." said Fry, remembering the last time he was here, bringing back painful memories of the worms.

"Bathrooms over there if you need to change... Oh... right, no change of clothes..."

"Oh well, doesn't matter, I'll just take the couch"

"Alrighty then, good night"
Fry woke up with an overflowing bladder in the middle of the night and rushed to the bathroom. As he emptied his bladder, he washed his hands and left for the couch, but on he way, he noticed the light in Leela's room was still on. Thinking there was something wrong, Fry knoked on the door to check up on her.

"Leela?" asked Fry, slightly conceded "everything alright?"

No answer.


Still nothing, so Fry got inside and found Leela sound asleep with a book on her stomach. Fry slowly move towards her and covered her with a blanket.

"It's been a while since I was last here..." he told himself "So close... but I had to know, me or them..."

Fry turned the lights off and shut the door behind him, settling down on he couch. He couldn't go back to sleep, his mind kept wandering from topic to topic, and soon enough, he fell asleep once more.
Fry woke up to the feel of a boot nudging his shoulder. Fry got up and found hiself upside-down on the couch with his head in an awkward position of the grou d whe the rest of his body was on the couch.

"Rough night huh?" asked Leela, who seemed to be a little tired herself.

"Other then the agonizing pain in my neck, Im fine" said Fry, gently massaging his tender neck.

"So, want anyhing for breakfast?"

"Sure, got any bachelor chow?"

"Fry, why would I have that?"


"Here, you can have some eggs and bacon, Ill split some with you"

"Sounds great!"
After a small breakfast, Fry and Leela went to work, raking a detour through the park, since they had some time, and had nothing better to do, and to Fry's surprise, Leela was the one who insisted.

"Its so beatiful today" said Leela, gazing into the clear blue autmn sky.

"Yeah" said Fry, but he wasn't really paying attention to the sky, he had his eyes on Leela. Fro some reason, she had been really nice to him the past few days, which was totally unlike Leela... well, she was a nice person when she wanted to be... and when Fry didn't screw up badly.


"wha? Oh, right" Fry shook his head and looked at the ground

"You okay Fry?" asked Leela

"Yeah...  just thinking..."

"That doesn't seem like you" said Leela in a joking manor, which Fry didn't catch

"Hey!" said Fy offended "just because I screw up at work and am a bit lazy doesn't meant I'm incapable of thinking, I have a brain, and I am human!"

"Fry, I was kidding, but I am kind of surprised that you know the word 'incapable'"

"Of course I do" said Fry "Whenever I usually try to speak, I get nervouse and fumble for words, and when the worms left, I tried to learn some more so I could feel as happy as I was back then..."

"Oh... look, Fry, if you need someone to talk to, Im here, I'll listen"

"Now THAT doesn't sound lime you, why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?"

"I don't know, maybe I feel lime being nice, I mean, I pretty much treat you like crap at work, and I wanna make it up to you" asshefinished, Fry couldn't help but smile.

"Thanks Leela"

As they entered together, Bender was at the doorhding a shovel.

"'bout time meatbag!!!" said Bender "get over here so I can get a piece of ya!"

"Bender" said Fry, trying to calm Bender down "beat the ginger day was yesterday"

"Nope, me and a couple fellas decided to extend it to one week, isn't that great?"

"Oh crap..." said Fry, looking for an exit, but there was none, he and Leela were trapped between Bender and an angry mob of people.

"Cant we just convince them to not beat you up?" asked Leela, as Fry desperately loomed for an exit.

"I tried that several times back in my day, but it didn't work!"

The mob was closing in, and one of the members grabbed Leela.

"Come on Ginger" said the man in a bitter tone "surrender, and you friend over here doesn't get hurt"

As he finished sayi g this, he pulled a blade from his jacket and placed it at Leelas throat.

"Whoa, aren't you taking this overboard?" asked Fry

The man pushed the blade a bit and some drops of blood came from Leelas throat.

"OKAY! Enough, let her go, take me, but leave her" said Fry in a tone so cold even Bender shivered a little on the inside.

The man threw Leela to the ground

"Fry, they'll kill you!" yelled Leela as they walked up to him

"As long as you're safe, nothing matters" said Fry, accepting fate

There was nothing she could do at that moment, the mob rushed Fry, but to her surprise, Fry had disappeared.

"Where the hell did that Ginger go?" yelled the ring-leader of the gang.

Whith no luck finding him they left, and Leela was lying there, hand on her neck, watching, bewildered at the fact that Fry had disapeared, but where had he gone?"

"Psst!" whispered a person in the bush "are they gone?"

"Fry?" asked Leela, incredibly confused "Is that you"

"No, it hooker-bot 5.0 " said Fry sarcasticly "Of course it's me!"

"What... where... how..."

"I'll explain later, in a week or so, when this all ends"

"Wait, Fry, let me come, you might need help"

"I don't really see what harm there is, alright, come on, let's role"
Fry and Leela had snuck around he city avoiding mobs, and eventually, they took shelter in a cap-sized boat by the beach.

"Do you remember the $300 tax rebate we got a year ago?" asked Fry, explaining his escape.

"Yeah" said Leela "I remember that"

"Well, I wanted a hundred cups of coffee, so I did... wait, did you see an orange blur at Zapp's party?" asked Fry

"Yeah, I recall a... wait... that was...?"

"Yup, I was so energized by the caffeine that I manage to either slow down time, or get really fast... anyway, I can sometimes get that power back, like today"

"Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"I dunno, I don't want all that attention..."

"There's still so much about you that I don't know"

"There a helluva lot of stuff you don't know about me"

"Yeah, but there's still a helluva lot of stuff you don't know about me either"

"True, maybe we could change that, maybe a cup of coffee some time?"

"You never give up, do you?"

"Oh... I'll take that as a 'no', *sigh* it fine" his voice sank

"What if I said yes?" she asked

"Wait, what?"

Leela couldn't help but laugh at this " coffee sound great"

Fry couldn't help but smile from ear to ear "Thanks Leela, you just made my day"

They sat there, side by side, his arm around her hip, her arm around his, watching the sunset.


[Yubbles's Fan Fics] [Fan Fics MAIN]

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