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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

And in This Corner...

Author: THM

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Hey folks! Here’s another story that I’ve been working on. (Members of PEEL may recall that I first posted there about this, looking for beta-readers, something like four(!) years ago. So that should really read ‘another story that I’ve been working on since the Day Before Forever. Anywhoo.) My thanks to newhook_1, Zoidyzoid, SpaceCase, Boingo2000, Nurdbot, Kryten, bender&fry, DrJohnZ, and anyone I might’ve forgotten. Short but sweet (something familiar about that combo... ;) ), and I think you’ll like it. Enjoy!

     The characters here are not owned by me (I’m just borrowing them), so please don’t sue me/hurt me/kick me/make me vote Republican. I’m only posting this to a small number of sites; anyone that wants to post it elsewhere should ask my permission and credit me accordingly. No hablo espaneol. (sic) Should not be taken internally. Stays crunchy even in Mom’s Friendly Robot Oil.




And in This Corner...

     A Futurama Fanfic by THM



     It hurt.

         I've been watching the stars for like, a whole day as we fly back to Earth, and that's the only thing I can think about.

     The stuff that happened. The things she said. How she never saw the most important thing of all. And how lousy I feel.

     We're far enough away from what used to be the Tempis Nebula that you can't see that stupid black hole anymore. Stupid professor and his stupid doomsday devices. Man, it figures that the one whole time in my stupid life I manage to do something big and showy and romantic for a girl I like, it gets blown up before she can see it and remember she saw it. It's just not fair. I mean, what the hell else can I do? I stick up for her with that whole extra-eye thing (even when nobody else did), I help her dump that awful Alcazar guy; I even learn how to drive the ship, and use STARS to tell her how I feel, and what do I get? Nothing; maybe a kiss on the cheek, but c'mon, she's kissed Bender on the cheek before. How much can something like that mean, if she does it to someone she spends most of her time yelling at?

     Of course, she yells at me a lot, too; I guess that means that I'm not any better than some alcoholic, foul-mouthed, klepto robot. (And that's coming from his best friend!) She probably would've been happier if I'd let those worms stay in my body - hell, we'd probably already be married by now; we'd be living together in her apartment, or a house even, and we'd travel through space together. And at night we'd come home and I'd cook dinner for her and play the holophoner for her, and she'd eat and listen and laugh and be happy. Only problem is, it wouldn't be me she'd be in love with - it'd be the worms. I'd just be along for the ride. I thought that was painful when she turned me down then; this is a million times worse. Maybe I should've given up then, instead of pretending; it's not like I've done any better since. I'd probably be a lot happier right now.

         I guess.



         It hurt.

     That's the one idea that's been going in and out of my head all damn day. Up 'till now, I haven't had time to think about what's happened; and the more I do, the madder I get. Whatever trick he pulled to get me to the altar has to be the lowest, most irresponsible...and most painful thing he's ever done. From a guy that does stupid, irresponsible things on a daily basis, that's a real achievement. I don't think I've ever been so humiliated in my entire life - me, ol' "One-Eye", the original 31st century Terminally Dateless Girl. Serves him right what happened; idiot deserves it, after the way he treated me. He just had to marry me in a cathedral, right? Probably convinced me that it'd be more 'romantic' that way; two people 'joining their hearts' before the maximum number of people possible - you know, for more witnesses, so nobody could say they missed Philip J. Fry's ultimate prank.

     Jerk; I bet he even got Bender to grab the crowd at the damn bus station again, the lazy, stupid, thieving little -

     Whoops; guess I didn't see that meteor coming. Great, I'm so annoyed I can't fly straight. Dammit; I swear, this is just like that whole fiasco with the worms - he changes for the better, and all that happens is I end up feeling like a moron. Well, maybe not exactly like the worms; at least then he was acting like a gentleman for awhile! Honestly, with all the stuff he does, it's a wonder I don't smack him so hard, he wakes up in another thousand years!

     I think I'll just drive for awhile; it helps me to relax, and I've got to calm down. Professor Farnsworth would be mad if we ended up crashing - again.

      I watch the stars as they stream past, and, slowly at first, I can feel myself unwinding. I mean, things could be a lot worse; we could still be married. And even though it was a nasty trick, there are worse guys I know than Fry who could've done it - a certain fat, velour-covered gasbag comes to mind, and I shudder. And he did apologise; I know for a fact that Zapp would never have apologised. And he wouldn't have argued against me getting that extra eye, either; he would've loved me to become 'normal'; that way, he could say he'd 'conquered' me twice.

     Fry did oppose it, though; and he defends me, even if he isn't smart enough to do it right. Then there's the thing with that sleaze Alcazar. Nobody else saw how miserable I was when I was with him; nobody else tried to talk me out of marrying him. And when he burst into the ceremony on the back of that lizard...I'm repeating myself, I know, but nobody else could've gone to such lengths to stop the wedding - nobody else would have.

     Then there's the worms. I know that they were parasites, and that the only reason he got them in the first place is that he was dumb enough to eat a sandwich from a truck-stop bathroom vending machine, but still...he was so much better then. He wasn't whiny or lazy or stupid or inconsiderate then; in the space of a few hours, he became a perfect gentleman - and he looked damn good, too. Part of me misses that Fry, even now; well, especially now. The Fry with worms would never have pulled a stunt like that; he wouldn't have had to trick me into marrying him - I'd have said yes at the drop of a hat.

     But he was right in the end, the stupid jerk; if it'd been me in his place I would've wanted to check, too - whether I was loved for who I was, or what some parasites had turned me into.

     Maybe we could've made it work; I guess I'd have been amenable to it, if whatever he'd done hadn't been a trick. If he'd have done something wonderful, like save my life or something, that would've made a big impression. Less than that, even; if he'd just grown up a bit. Hell, if he grew up a bit, he'd at least get a date. And while I'm on the subject, there's that thing he had with Amy; you couldn't call it a relationship - neither of them acted like they were old enough to have one! And the minute she asks for an iota of commitment, whoosh!; he's gone.

     But then I bailed him out at Elzar's. I could've left him to suffer, but I didn't. I know part of the reason; despite all his faults, he's my friend, and even if he been acting like a pig throughout that whole Amy fiasco, having to be a third wheel at the end of her Valentine's Day date was too much. The other part...

     The other part...I don't know.

         Or maybe I do.



     Two days. I didn't know that two whole days could go so slowly. Two days since the time slips were fixed. Two days since my message was destroyed. Two days since things went back to 'normal' - well, normal for here, anyway. Planet Express is still here, still delivering stuff, so life goes on, I guess. If you looked at us, you'd think the whole stupid thing had never happened.

     Leela and I haven't said two words to each other in two days; that's different. I mean, she still orders me and Bender around, but that's not the same thing; we always did kinda talk now and then, even if she did end up telling me to shut up at the end. And with the ordering; she still bosses me around, but it's like she's distracted or something - her heart isn't in it. I kinda hope that that means she's thinking about all the stuff that went on, but I doubt it; she made it pretty clear how she feels. I guess it was always one-sided, you know?

     That's what I'd been thinking for most of the last couple of days; then I talked to Dr. Zoidberg. He's a pretty cool guy, even if he does say goofy stuff sometimes, and cuts stuff off that doesn't need to be and all. (Although we did forgive each other for that whole Edna thing - I mean, it's kind of hard for two guys to be mad at each other over a chick, when the chick in question is dead!) We were talking about junk and whatever in his office while he was poking around in my intestines (man, I *have* to stop eating weird stuff outta vending machines), and I thought I'd ask him - he's a guy, right? I knew he knew something about women - I'd taught him everything I knew, after all. Plus, Amy'd got him a book called, "Women for Complete Morons", so...

     But we were talking about women and stuff, y'know, and in the middle of that, what does he come out with? Not much... just that Leela does kinda like me! At least that's what she told him. Something about she doesn't want to push me away, and some other junk. When I heard that, I was like, "All right! She likes me!", an' stuff. "My chances with her aren't totally boned after all!"

     Then again, maybe they are; see, there was this thing she said when she said that other stuff. If I did it, maybe we could get together. But it's tough, though, this thing I gotta do. I've got to Grow Up. Be more, y'know, Responsible. And Mature. More like an Adult, less like a kid; take my life more seriously.

     And I'm not sure I want to; I mean, life's pretty cool the way it is...bumming around with Bender, cruisin' for chicks, blasting around the Universe and having adventures. Why do I wanna mess with that? It's not like my life's gonna get any better; I'm stuck as a delivery boy, forever. But then, I think about Leela, and then...I dunno. It's like this new thought comes into my head; if I can't have what I want most in the whole world, what's so great about my life anyway?

     And there's something else. I'm not sure what it means, or even if it means anything at all. I'm not an expert at deep meanings from people and stuff like that. And it did happen pretty fast, too, so maybe I made a mistake. It was the end of the day, yesterday; we'd got back to the office, and were getting the equipment and stuff put away. I came back from putting something back, and that's when I saw it. Leela was on the cargo lift, checking something with Hermes. I'd been looking at my feet most of the way over, but when I looked up, there she was, looking back. I dunno if she'd been watching me the whole time or not, but she was looking at me now.

     I've had a whole day to think about it, and I'm still kinda not sure what the look on her face was. It was kinda sad, like she missed something. But it was more than that; there was something else, I think - like hope, too. She looked away really quickly, but I'm sure I saw it. It was like she was saying, "Maybe", you know, but not using words or anything.

     So I'm gonna try - to grow up some, be a better guy. It's not gonna be easy, and maybe I'll screw it up. But I'm gonna try anyway; 'cause if that look means what I think it does, then...maybe.

     Maybe I do have a chance, after all.



Thank you, and goodnight.

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