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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

The King and Fry

Author: Steven Gurman
Website: Futurama Fan Forum

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(Starts off with us Seeing a special news report then Linda and Morbo)

Linda: Hi, I’m Linda (whatever her last name is) and today we have some great news don’t we Morbo.

Morbo: Pathetic Humans and their News, when Morbo’s Planet comes to destroy all humans you won’t be smiling.

Linda: Oh hahahahaha, Morbo your so funny some times.

(Scene Cuts to them all at the meeting table with Professor Farnsworth Standing up.)

Professor: “Horrific News Everyone” I have reason to believe that something big is coming our way.

Fry: That’s what she said.

Leela: Fry shut up, now Professor what makes you believe that something “BIG” is coming towards us.

Professor: Well I was using my smell-o-scope when a peculiar smell came in to view.

Bender: I think the old man fell of his rocking chair, I know I’m a robot an all but I’m pretty something can’t come into view with your noise.

Professor: I did not say that you piece of garbage.

Bender: Yes you did.

Professor: Fine, I’m sick of this, Zoidberg no food for today.

Zoidberg: ( Sounding Sad )ooooooohhhh

Professor: Anyway, where was I.

Bender: The smell-o-scope, the big thing coming our way.

Fry: That’s what she said.

Professor: Oh yes now I remember, It was a smell I’ve never smelt it before something not from around here.

Fry: Did it smell like a big ball of garbage.

Professor: Oh heavens no, and anyway Zoidberg sitting right there.

Zoidberg: When I thought I was down they just keep bringing me lower and lower.

Amy: Professor what could it be.

Professor: I don’t know, I just don’t know.

Commercial Break

(Scene Cuts to Fry, Leela and Bender talking around the Planet Express ship)

Fry: Okay this time I know it the old man has totally lost it.

Leela: No, he hasn’t what if he’s really telling the truth what if this is something that could change the world.

Bender: Well if something does happen, I call the bomb shelter.

Leela: We have a bomb shelter and why was I never informed of this all those times we were in danger and could have gone down there for safety.

Fry: What gives Bender, what gives, where is this shelter anyway?

Bender: It’s behind the empty locker over there. (points to the bunch of lockers and all there names on the lockers except one plain nameless locker.)

Fry: I always wondered what that locker was for, Bender how did you know about the bomb shelter anyway?

Bender: I used to play hide and seek with a friend down there when I was young I wondered what happened to that guy.

(Scene cuts to them Walking into the locker and down stairs when they finally reach this big door.)

Leela: Bender, what’s the combination?

Bender: There is no combination.

Fry: What do you mean?

(Bender hits the wall next to him and door opens up to another bunch of stairs.)

Leela: Wow that’s pretty handy.

(They walk down the stairs to find another Vault type door.)

Leela: Alright what’s the combination.

Bender: 1, 2,3

Leela: So your telling me after all secrets tunnels and secret doors that the combination is 1,2,3.

Bender: Yep

( Leela types in the combination and the door opens and some guy runs out (His name is Bruno))

Bruno: Oh Bender, you finally found me that must have been the longest hide and go seek game ever.

Bender: Oh yeah hide and go seek. (like he’s obviously forgot.)

Fry: Who is this guy?

Bender: Oh this is……(Gets interrupted by Bruno.)

Bruno: Well were best friends of course who do you think I was, Bender wouldn’t be searching for me for years if he wasn’t my best friend.

(Fry looks down as he’s sad)

Fry: Oh, okay.

(Scene cuts to thousands of Ships flying through space with Earth in view.)

Commercial Break

(Scene starts with Fry and Bender sitting on their couch when the turn on the T.V to see a broadcaster getting shot at and explosions everywhere.)

Broadcaster: Alien attack, the Morbonians have come to “take back their king” The Morbonians are saying that their King has been lost for many years.

(Scene Cuts back to the couch)

Leela: (Yelling) Everyone you better get in here
(You see everyone come running into the room)

Amy: What’s going on?

Leela: Alien attack.

Amy: Again that’s like the third one this week.

(Scene cuts back to the T.V.)

Linda: So why are they attacking us?

Broadcaster: They say that they received word that their king was here on earth.

Linda: That’s weird what do think of that Morbo…………….


Linda: Morbo

( Scene Cuts to everyone watching the T.V. )

Leela: Alright, everyone get in the bomb shelter.

Professor: What Bomb shelter?

Bender: You know the one behind the locker.

Professor: That’s not a Bomb Shelter that’s Scruffy’s Janitor Closest.

Leela: What’s with all the secrecy?

Scruffy: Scruffy doesn’t know, kind of makes Scruffy feel like a secret agent.

Fry: Alright Whatever lets go into the Janitor’s Bomb Shelter or whatever it is.

(Scene cuts to everyone running into the Shelter.)

Fry: How come their King has just contacted them now?

Professor: Now I think this is all my fault.

Amy: Professor how could this possible be your fault?

Professor: Well a couple years back someone approached me to make a machine that could send messages to far away distances that a machine has ever been able to be reached. I called it a Distance Machine. Plus, It would take years to reach the Morbonian’s Planet.

Bender: Who was this guy?

Professor: His name was Morbo.

Fry: The Guy from T.V.?

Professor: Yes, that Morbo.

Leela: But I don’t get it, how do you know that Morbo is the Morbonian’s King.

Professor: When ever the Morbonians elect a king his name is change to the name of their species so Morbonian but for short Morbo.

Bender: What are we going to do?

Professor: I’m going to go and save this planet.

Bruno: I’ll help you.

(Everyone starts clapping and yelling)

Professor: Let’s go save planet earth.

(You see the professor walking like and inch per step(Everyone’s still yelling yeah and the longer it takes to reach the door the softer the yelling gets) Finally you see bender pick the professor up and throw him through the door.)

Bender: So what do we do now.

Fry: Anybody up for a game of Monopoly

Everyone: I’m in.

(Scene cuts to Morbo getting ready and packing to leave when he turns on the T.V.)

Broadcaster: The attack is over the Morbonians are retreating.

Morbo: What no this can’t be, No those pathetic Humans. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

(Scene cuts back to the Janitor’s Bomb Sheltor Thing, when there’s a knock on the door.)

Bender: Who is it?

Professor: It’s me you idiot.

(Bender opens the door)

Fry: Did you do it, did you save Earth?

Professor: mmmmmmmm Oh yes know I remember, Yes I did.

Amy: How did you do it?

Professor: Well, first I made another Distance Machine, then I called the Morbonians home planet that their king being on Earth was a misunderstanding and that he was on the planet of Omircron Persei 100 the furthest planet from here. 20 years to be correct.

Fry: Wait where is Bruno.

Professor: Oh Bruno, oh I told him that Bender was playing hide and go seek and that he was hiding on one of the Morbonians ships.

Bender: Oh thank God he was really starting to annoy me.

Fry: Wait so If I got this right the Morbonians are just going to realize it’s a lie after they kill everyone on Omicron Persei 100 and then they will come back and kill everyone on Earth in 20 years.

Professor:I know and by then hopefully I will be dead.

Leela: What about all those innocent People.


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