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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Love in the Eyes

Author: Nisha

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{We walk up on A lady stepping out a Pink jag the lady had Long purple curly hair She had a nice black suit with Purple trim and A hat to go with it. She was at the Trancity hotel she walked to the elevator and went to the third floor and walk to room 329 knocked on the door and a man in a tee shirt and Night pants opened and walk a way and Leela walked to the sofa bed that was out and sit down and The man walked Back in the room and laid down.}
Leela: Were is Mary
Fry: Getting dress
Leela: Oh ok
Fry: Leela
Leela: Yes fry
Fry: Can Brower $900
Leela: Fry for what
Fry: Food, rent, and my car note
Leela: Look fry ,If you got a job you might have some money
Fry: I do have a job ,But it them darn Mexican they getting all the money and I am doing all the work
Leela: Well fry
Fry: Leela Please
Leela :Ok come ride with Me to my house
{Than little girl in a pink top and blue jeans came out with her pinkwinky dolly and her suitcase ,Fry went in his room and put on some close and walked out the door. A lady at the front desk waved by to Mary as they left out.}
{In the car it was really quit but the CD player which was playing beyonce than Leela phone rung}
Leela: Hi baby
Man: ……
Leela: Is that a hint
Man: ……….
Leela: Right sweetie see you when I get home I have my ex in the car and Mary
Leela :Yes were doing something with Mary were all we be home in a little bit
Leela: Bye
{she hung up the phone .She had a smile on her face fry just look at her.}
Fry: remember when you smile at me like that
Leela: Fry I know and it was a long time ago and want happen again
Fry: Leela what did I do
Leela: Fry you know what you did to me
Fry :And you believe Amy even when you saw her kissing scuffy and she lied to kif about it
Leela: Well lets drop it
Fry: No ,Look I steel ware my ring and you to
Silence was in the car again and Leela stopped at a red light
{She looked at fry and fry looked at her Leela had a tear in the corner of her eye}
Leela: Fry were did we go wrong
Fry: I don’t know
{The light turn green And Leela speeded off and into a gate community called the dawn birds she drove to big brown house with a water fall in it they all got out Fry carried Mary because she had fell a sleep on the ride there. Leela open the door and she walked to the office were we can finally see who is Leela New husband is he spines around in the chair and it is it is I cant say this for we may have some fussing but here it goes zapp is Leela new husband I know it so sad L but hold on you haven’t finish the story.}
Zapp: Yes Mr. Fry very happy to see you
{Mary woke up}
Zapp: Aww Ms. Mary
Mary :{She held fry neck tight and mutter} Hi Mr. zapp
Zapp: Don’t I get a hug too
Mary: No {she ran a away from him fry flowed her in to a dark cold room}
Fry: What wrong
{Mary was crying}
Mary : Daddy I don’t like him
Fry: Why
Mary: because he hit me and mommy to
Fry: What
Mary :Yes
Fry :Oh every thing well be ok You can come stay with daddy
Mary: Mommy want let me
Fry: Oh ,Come on dry up you face and come with me
Mary: Ok daddy
{They walked up on Leela and zapp fussing}
Fry: Leela can talk to you along
Leela :Yes
{Leela mutter some bad words to zapp And Left the room later on in the den Leela and fry were sitting talking to a Jamaican Lady.}
Lady :So miss Leela tell me what he dose after he dun hit you
Leela: He goes to that bar and get drunk and come up to the bedroom and Kiss me and say he was really sorry and than we do thinks I cant say in fount of my kid
Lady: And why do you let him do this
Leela: He told me that he will kill my parents as well as the mutant race so I want let him do that so I married him and now I don’t know what to do.
Lady: Leela it ok let the tears come out it ok
Leela: I cant cry in in fount of Mary what example will I set for her
Lady: a good one
{Then All of a sudden Leela herd the sound of zapp car door closing .Leela got up and told the Jamaican Lady and fry to go out the back door to get to stay out the way of zapp as fry was living He pulled Leela close and kissed her on the lips and walked away Leela looked happy because she smiled at him. Leela heard the scream of Zapp voice from the entry}
Zapp: Leela get you ass out her now
{Leela held her child close to her she had to find some were to hide her child from zapp she called for the yard keeper take Mary to fry the lady did what Leela asked. zapp found Leela in her room he looked really pissed }
Zapp: Leela what did I tell about that fry person {He put his hand up to slap her and Leela was crying she had fell on the floor zapp walk down the sitars and walk back up to were he had left Leela blooding and crying Zapp kissed Leela on the lips and Leela tried to pull away from him but could not next thing she know was that her and zapp was sleeping next to her and she had no close on Leela got up and went to the bathroom got her cell phone from her purse, she called Fry and to see if Mary was there}
Leela: Hi yes room 329
{on spilt screen}
Leela: Fry did Mary get to your house fry
Fry: Yes and the lady said what was going on are you ok
Leela: Yes look fry I will drop by to give you some money
Fry: It’s not need
Leela: Are positive
Fry: Yes Leela
Leela: Well can I talk to Mary
Leela: Hi sweetie
Mary: Hi mommy
Leela :Are you having fun
Mary: Yes mommy me and daddy were going to the prickly pair pizza place
Leela :That good
Mary :Can you come with us
Leela: Umm put daddy on the phone
Mary: Ok
Fry :Yes Leela
Leela: I will meet you at the pizza place 7:00 sharp
Fry: Ok
{Leela herd zapp moving}
Leela: Fry I got to go Cant wait to our date
Fry: Bye
Leela: Bye
{Leela walked out the bathroom}
Leela :Zapp I am going out
Zapp: No your not
Leela :Yes I am
Zapp: What did you say
Leela: I don’t repeat Myself
Zapp: If you walk out this house I won’t come back in this house
Leela: What if I don’t want to come back what will you do
Zapp: Nothing Just finish our Little Deal
Leela: Zapp pleas ,This has nothing to do with them
Zapp: Your right, Were is that little brat of yours
Leela :She is not a brat she my kid
Zapp: Look Leela I made you and now I own you
Leela: You don’t own nothing but the Bed you sleep on
Zapp: What did you say
Leela: You heard me
{Leela ran down to the kitchen grabbed a knife as zapp ran after her}
Zapp :Look you one eyed hoe You do what I tell you and if I tell you go sit you ass down I mean it
{He Hit Leela in the face with blood rung from her nose Leela picked up the knife and stabbed zapp in the leg and ran out the door grabbed her keys and walk to her black covetable and speed to the place were fry stayed She went to fry’s room were Mary and fry were playing a videogame Leela was crying }
Leela: Fry fry Fry I I I I I
Fry: Leela Let it out what wrong
Leela: I stabbed Him
Fry: Who
Leela: Zapp I stabbed him
Fry: Were
Leela: In the Leg
Fry: Leela Let’s go back to the house
{One hour later Leela was talk to the police}
Officer: So this is what happen
Leela: Yes
Officer :Can any body testify to your abuse
Leela: Yes My ex- husband, the maid, the Gardner, and my consoler
Officer: ok
{Five Days later Leela was in court waiting on the verdict zapp was still living the jury came out}
Main jury man: We find Miss Leela not guilty as for Mr. brangain we find him guilty for abuse to a woman
{Leela went Back home were she packed all zapp things put them in his car and as him and his lawyer pulled up Leela gave zapp a key and a ring witch she thou at him}
Leela: I am not your slave no more punk, Bye-bye Mary wave bye to zapp
{fry walked up to Leela ,Zapp look at him in shock and dove of out the gate. three years later Leela and fry have a nice life with three kids Mary 8,Leevon 3,and Baby Kate ½ months
Pop Quiz :ok go back to Leevon he is three and not for fry so He must be for A. fry B. kif C. bender D. Zapp pick you answer. ok Back to the story Fry take care of Leevon Like his own.
Leela did not know that she was Going to have him when she Put the real daddy in jail. Leela was happy and content they had nibbler and Leela Mother and father living with them Some thing zapp wont let happen Leela and fry still live in Leela House fry has a nice job at The Tenth stop Crop. And Leela do hair and owns The trancity hotel and life a nice life together and want every have brake up as for zapp he got rapped in prison and is now a gay striper.}


[Nisha's Fan Fics] [Fan Fics MAIN]

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