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Here you will find some data and a short description of the main and some secondary Futurama characters. Just click on a character to see the respective bios that will appear below the menu.

Lord Nibbler

Classification: Male Nibblonian (or Eternian)
Age: An eternity + at least 1000 years
Birthplace: Eternium
Occupation: Ambassador of Planet Eternium and Leela's Pet
Common phrase: "Growls"
Other Features:
Save the Universe
His excrement is Dark Matter, used as a starship fuel.
Ferocious appetite.

Nibbler was found in the planet Vergon 6, by Leela. He always eat a lot of food, death or alive. He looks like a simple pet but he's part of the oldest civilization of the universe, dedicated to save it from the Brains. He was the alien that made the call (I.C. Weiner, remember) and pushed Fry into the cryogenic tube back in 1999, because Fry was the person that was gonna save Universe, twice!.

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