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Here you will find some data and a short description of the main and some secondary Futurama characters. Just click on a character to see the respective bios that will appear below the menu.

Leela Turanga

Classification: Female Mutant
Age: ~24
Birthplace: New New York Sewer System - Earth
Occupation: Ex Cryogenic Counselor, now Captain and Pilot of the Planet Express Delivery Ship
Common phrase: No common phrase
Other Features:
Poor Deep Perception.
Totally uninpulsive.
She always carrying that metal thing on her arm.
Her parents are mutants like her.

Leela was abandoned by her parents in the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium (now the Bender Minimum Security Orphanarium) when she was a baby. Her parents thought that because she was the less mutated been she'll be able to pass like an alien on earth. The other orphans always made fun of her because she only had one eye (even a blind kid). After she worked in the Applied Cryogenics Labs assigning unfrozen people their job in the future, she joined the Planet Express crew.

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