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Here you will find some data and a short description of the main and some secondary Futurama characters. Just click on a character to see the respective bios that will appear below the menu.

Philip J. Fry

Classification: Male Human
Age: 25 (He born in 1978, the total is: 1025)
Birthplace: New York - Earth
Occupation: Ex pizza delivery boy, now delivery boy at Planet Express
Common phrase: No common phrase ("Cool!" maybe)
Other Features:
Full stupidity.
Slurm addiction.
He is sterile (because of the F-Ray, although is never confirmed).
Very impulsive.
Always tries to win's Leela's Heart.
Emperor of ThreeSun planet for one day

Fry born in 1978. He had a brother named Jancey that always beat him in everyting till he found a 7-leaves lucky clover that his nephew carried and made him a very successful man. Fry was frozen in December 31th, 1999, in a Cryogenics Laboratory when he was making a pizza delivery. He woke up in the year 3000 in New New York City. He ran away of the Cryogenics Lab because he didn't want to be a delivery boy again (job that Leela assigned him), and then he met Bender in a Suicide Booth. He found his great, great, great, great...nephew, owner of the the Planet Express delivery company.

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