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Here you will find some data and a short description of the main and some secondary Futurama characters. Just click on a character to see the respective bios that will appear below the menu.


Classification: Manbot Robot
Age: ~1003
Birthplace: Earth
Occupation: Movie star and main character of "All My Circuits"
Common phrase: Unknown
Other Features:
His biography says that he has only 23 years.
He was an armbot that assembled cars in the 21th century.
He was the first robot infected with the Werecar virus.
He "won" an Oscar as Best Male Performance.

Calculon is the Main character in the well known soap opera "All My Circuits". He was the first robot that was infected with the Werecar virus because he was crashed by Project Satan. He's very rich, lives in Hollywood, and he even financed and performed a movie wrote by the great Harold Zoid that give him an Oscar. He was going to marry with the Fembot Bender, but she "died" the day of the wedding.

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